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Facing Criminal Charges as an Immigrant? Call Michael Piri at (833) 600-0029.

If you are an immigrant and were arrested, reach out to a Dallas Fort Worth criminal defense attorney for immigrants with years of experience at The Piri Law Firm.

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) places a high priority on “targeting illegal aliens with criminal records who pose a threat to public safety,” according to the ICE Criminal Alien Program (CAP) website. As a result, criminal aliens and aliens incarcerated in prisons and jails are prime targets for removal from the U.S.

You could be deported if you are in the U.S. on a visa or have lawful permanent resident status (LPR), temporary protected status (TPS), or don’t have any status or legal papers, and you have been convicted of a specific criminal charge.

Contact Michael Piri today: submit your case or call (833) 600-0029 for a consultation with a criminal defense attorney for immigrants in Dallas, Texas. ¡Hablamos Español!

What Charges Could Result in Deportation?

Many non-citizens and even criminal defense attorneys are unaware that any non-citizen, regardless of immigration status, could be held in immigration jail without bail and deported due to a criminal guilty plea, including a plea for deferred adjudication.

Do NOT accept a plea bargain deal. Do NOT plead guilty to a criminal offense before you fully understand the immigration consequences of your criminal charge. Call (833) 600-0029  to set up a consultation.

Dallas Fort Worth Criminal Defense Attorney | The Piri Law Firm

Dallas Fort Worth Criminal Defense Attorney for Immigrant at The Piri Law Firm

Michael Piri dedicates his practice exclusively to handling immigration issues on behalf of clients with immigration and related criminal law matters.

A skilled Dallas Fort Worth criminal defense attorney for immigrants, Michael Piri can step into the picture during any point in the process, helping clients through:

  • Immigration bond hearings/parole bonds
  • Appeals
  • Deportation defense
  • Fighting ICE holds
  • Cancellation of removal proceedings
  • Withholding of removal/asylum
  • Getting back a green card
  • Sealing criminal records

The consequences of a guilty plea in any criminal defense case could be very detrimental, including loss of immigration status, loss of lawful permanent status, loss of temporary protected status, imprisonment, and removal proceedings.

It is critical that you seek Michael Piri’s advice and representation immediately. Michael Piri analyzes each case individually and offers personal representation through every stage of criminal and immigration court proceedings.

Contact Michael Piri Today!

As a Dallas criminal defense attorney for immigrants, Michael Piri helps immigrants and aliens protect their rights and understand the immigration consequences they may face due to criminal charges.

Michael Piri represents lawful permanent residents and undocumented aliens in the face of criminal charges and through immigration court proceedings. Michael Piri also regularly collaborates with Texas criminal defense lawyers who have clients facing immigration issues in Dallas, Texas.

Call Michael Piri at (833) 600-0029 or submit a confidential case evaluation form today.

Dallas Fort Worth Criminal Defense Attorney | The Piri Law Firm

Criminal Alien Issues

Our U.S. Criminal Alien and Immigration Lawyer in Dallas-Fort Worth, Michael Piri, can help you!

If you are a resident alien and have committed a crime, you need to be aware of the criminal consequences and the issues related to the possibility of removal.

At The Piri Law Firm in Dallas, Texas, we will work diligently to overcome those issues so that one mistake does not result in removal.

Upon taking your case, we will advise you about the immigration consequences. Then, with your input, we will develop strategies to address the criminal issues and the possible conviction outcomes.

Contact The Piri Law Firm if your crime involved shoplifting, DUI, domestic violence, or any other unlawful act.

The immigration system is keeping a closer eye on criminal aliens and addressing their immigration status more practically.

There have been instances where an immigrant is out of jail on bond for theft, DUI, or an assault crime but is taken into custody by immigration officials at the probation office. Some have been taken into custody after being stopped for a traffic violation.

We are aware of the immigration consequences following a criminal charge or conviction. A lawful permanent resident who has been here since childhood can be removed. Even seemingly minor offenses can have serious immigration consequences.

If you have been charged with a crime, you may face jail time or even deportation. You are entitled to aggressive representation from a knowledgeable criminal defense attorney for immigrants. For more information or to schedule an appointment, please get in touch with us.

Call (833) 600-0029 or submit your case. Our services are available in English and Spanish.

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